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Creating a new document
Creating a new document
You’ll start by creating a blank document and adding elements to it.
Choose File > New > Blank Document > Create.
Choose File > Save As. Even though you haven’t added anything to the document,
saving a i le right after you create it is good practice. It makes it easy to save
modii cations as you build the document, and helps Microsoft Word recover your i le
should your computer or software stop working correctly.
Navigate to your Word01lessons folder, then in the File name text i eld, type word0101 .
Click Save. The dialog box closes, and the blank document is on your screen.
You will now open another document that contains information you will copy into your
blank document.
Choose File > Open.
Navigate to your Word01lessons folder, and then double-click word0102 to open this i le.
In the word0102 i le, click to place your cursor at the beginning of the document before
the i rst paragraph. At the top of your screen, make certain that the Home tab is selected.
In the Editing group of the Ribbon, which is located to the far right of the screen by
default, choose Select > Select All.
Editing Group of the Ribbon Select Menu.
In the Clipboard group of the Ribbon, click Copy.
Now that you’ve copied the content, you can close the word0102 document by clicking
the X in the upper-right corner of the document window.
Return to the original document, word0101, and click Paste.
You can press Alt+Tab to toggle between documents at any time.
10 Choose File > Save. It’s important to save your document often, and it is a good habit to
develop in order to keep your documents safe.
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