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PowerPoint Lesson 3: Working with Tables and Charts
Lesson 3
What you’ll learn
in this lesson:
Creating a table and
entering text
Working with table styles
and shading
Merging cells
Creating a chart
Working with
Tables and Charts
In this lesson, you will discover how tables and charts can display
data to help illustrate an idea. A table is eff ective for organizing
data using the column-and-row format. A chart can turn numeric
data into a visual element that your audience can quickly interpret
and understand.
Starting up
You will work with several i les from the PPT03lessonss folder in this lesson. Make
sure that you have loaded the Oi ceLessons folder onto your hard drive from ce2010 . See “Loading lesson i les” on page XXIV.
See Lesson 3 in action!
Use the accompanying video to gain a better understanding of how to use some of
the features shown in this lesson. The video tutorial for this lesson can be found at ce2010.
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