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Selecting table elements
Selecting table elements
You can always click and drag to make selections, but you can also select most table elements
with just a click.
Place the cursor in the first cell and drag through the cells you want to select.
Place the cursor to the left of the row you want to select until you see the
rightpointing arrow, and then click. PowerPoint selects the row.
Place the cursor above the column you want to select until you see the
downwardpointing arrow, and then click. PowerPoint selects the column.
Select the Table Tools Layout tab, and then in the Table group, click Select.
You can also select rows and columns by clicking the Table Tools Layout tab and clicking Select
Column or Select Row.
Adding rows and columns
Once you have created a table, it is easy to add rows and columns. When you want to insert
rows and columns, you must i rst select part of the table. For example, if you want to insert
two columns, you select two columns in the table, and then select Insert Left or Insert Right,
depending on where you want to insert the columns. You can perform the same procedure
for rows to insert multiple rows at one time.
In this exercise, you’ll add two rows of information to the table. On the Ribbon, when you
click the Table Tools Layout tab, the Rows and Columns group displays all the tools you need
to add rows above or below the selected row or rows.
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