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Selecting table elements
To the left of the PowerPoint table, hover your mouse over the outside border to the left
of the word Florence until the cursor changes to a right-pointing arrow. Drag downward
to select the two rows beginning with Florence and with Naples and Pompeii.
PowerPoint highlights the bottom two rows of the table.
On the Ribbon, click the Table Tools Layout tab and select Insert Below in the Rows
and Columns group.
Two rows appear at the bottom of the table.
In the Tour column under Naples and Pompeii, type Ancient Ostia Small Group .
Finish the row by typing for duration and $53 for price. 4
In the Tour column under Ancient Ostia Small Group, type Ancient Ostia Half Day .
Finish the row by typing for duration and $65 for price. 4
Aligning text within columns and rows
The Table Tools Layout tab in the Alignment group has the tools you need to align text
within the columns and rows of the table. In this exercise, you’ll select the table and align the
text within it horizontally and vertically within the cells. You’ll then enlarge the column to
i t the text.
PowerPoint of ers horizontal and vertical alignment commands.
In the pp0301 _complete.pptx i le, select the table on the Day Trips from Rome slide
by hovering, and then clicking anywhere near the border of the table once the cursor
changed to display two arrows. You can tell that the entire table is selected if the border
around the table appears thick and there is not one visible insertion point.
On the Ribbon, click the Table Tools Layout tab. In the Alignment group, click
Center, and then click Center Vertically. The text within the table centers horizontally
and vertically.
Now that you’ve aligned the text, you will move the gridline to better i t the newly
aligned text.
In the table, move the cursor over the gridline until the cursor resembles a
doubleheaded arrow, and click the gridline between Tour and Duration in the top row. Move
the gridline slightly to the right until the word group in the second to last row of the i rst
column moves up.
Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar.
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