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Selecting table elements
Working with table styles and shading
A table style is a ready-made assortment of colors and border choices that you can choose
from in the Table Styles gallery on the Ribbon. After you select a style, you can modify it by
selecting table style options.
In this exercise, you’ll use an alternate method to create a table and then apply a table style.
In Slide view, click slide 3 to see Hotels in full view.
On the Ribbon, click Insert and in the Tables group, click Table. PowerPoint displays the
Insert Table menu.
You can select as many columns and rows
in the Insert Table menu as you want.
Move the cursor over four columns and down i ve rows, and click at the ending location
when you are done. The slide displays a four-column by i ve-row table.
You’ll now change the style of the table to a plain table with only borders and grids, but
no design.
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