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Selecting table elements
In the Table Tools tab, click Design and then click Shading.
You can select shading in multiple colors.
Click the i rst gray color located in the second row to apply light-gray shading.
Merging cells
In this exercise, you will merge cells to create only one cell. You will then return to pp0302.
docx and copy some text to paste into the table.
Move the cursor near the outside border of the table and to the left of the second row
until you see a right-pointing arrow. Click to select the entire second row.
In the Table Tools tab, click Layout and then click Merge Cells.
In the Table Tools tab, click Design, click the Shading drop-down menu, and select
Indigo Accent 6, the last color in the top row of the menu. The second row of the table
is shaded deep blue.
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