Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Selecting table elements
In the cell, type Best Ratings Based on Customer Experience and then press
Ctrl+E to center it within the cell.
Select the last three rows of the table.
Press Alt+Tab to return to the Word document named pp0302.
Select the table under the word Hotels by clicking the small box in the upper-left
corner of the table. On the Ribbon, click the Home tab and then click Copy in the
Clipboard group.
Press Alt+Tab to return to the PowerPoint presentation. In the Clipboard group in the
Home tab, click Paste.
9 In the Table Tools tab, click Design. Then click the Shading drop-down menu and select
the light-blue color on the top row, second from the right. The bottom three rows are
now shaded light blue.
10 Press Save on the Quick Access Toolbar.
11 You can toggle back over to the Word document by pressing Alt+Tab and select File
> Close.
Working with charts
When you add a chart to a PowerPoint slide, numeric data is portrayed visually so your
audience can quickly interpret and understand it. When you add a chart, PowerPoint
launches Excel and opens a new Excel i le that you can use to enter the chart data.
Choosing the right chart
The purpose of a chart is to present information across dif erent categories, so when you
select a chart, choose one that allows your audience to clearly make comparisons. Keep in
mind that in a presentation, your audience sees the chart for only a brief period of time, so it
has to be simple and make the point at one glance.
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