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Working with shape styles
Be sure that the Tile picture as texture box is not selected and click Insert from File.
PowerPoint displays the Insert Picture dialog box. Navigate to the Oi ceLessons folder,
double-click the PPT04lessons folder, select the pp0402 i le, and then click Insert.
PowerPoint inserts the i le. You should be able to see the words Garden Center at the top
of the text box. Close the Format Picture dialog box.
Working with shape styles
Now, you’ll add a shape style to the title text box.
In the presentation, click to the left of the title Willow Tree Farms and click the Drawing
Tools tab.
On the Ribbon, click the More button which is also the down-arrow to the right of the
Shape Styles group. PowerPoint displays the Shape Styles menu.
The Shape Styles menu of ers you choices to add style to the shape.
Select the fourth style down in the green column, Subtle Eff ect Green Accent 1.
Inserting a picture and applying eff ects
In this exercise, you’ll insert a picture into a slide and then add an eff ect to the picture.
In the presentation in Slide view on the left, click slide 2 to display the slide in full view.
On the Ribbon, click Insert and in the Images group, click Picture.
In the Images group, click Picture.
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