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Ungrouping and regrouping graphic elements
Select Distribute Horizontally from the Align menu, and then select Distribute Vertically.
Notice that PowerPoint moves the WordArt objects so that they are evenly distributed
both horizontally and vertically.
With the WordArt objects still selected, click Group in the Arrange group to display the
Group menu.
The Group menu allows you to group,
ungroup, and regroup your selections.
PowerPoint places a border around the whole group. Now that the images are grouped,
you can rotate, l ip, move, or resize all shapes or objects at the same time as though they
were a single shape or object. If you need to move or edit a single image in the group,
you can always use the ungroup command to release the image from the group.
Ungrouping and regrouping graphic elements
Now, you’ll place a graphic under the WordArt Annuals. You’ll temporarily ungroup the
WordArt objects that you just grouped so that you can align the picture of the pansy under
the word Annuals . You will then regroup the WordArt.
On the Ribbon, click the Insert tab and in the Images group, click Picture.
Navigate to the Oi ceLessons folder. Double-click the PPT04lessons folder, select the
pp0404 i le, and then click Insert. PowerPoint inserts a picture of a pansy on the page.
Click the picture and drag it to under the word Annuals .
Click Annuals , and on the Ribbon, click the Drawing Tools tab. In the Arrange group,
click Group and then select Ungroup from the Group menu. PowerPoint selects the
other WordArt objects that were part of the group.
Using the Group menu, you can
group, regroup, and ungroup items.
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