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Customizing and saving a theme
In the slide, press Shift and click on each graphic to select them all. On the Ribbon, click
the SmartArt Tools tab, and then the Design tab, click the drop-down arrow to the right
of the SmartArt Styles group. Select Intense Eff ect, the last choice in the top row.
You can select eff ects for your diagram using the
SmartArt Tools.
Click anywhere outside of the diagram to de-select it. Choose File > Save to save
your work.
Customizing and saving a theme
In this exercise, you’ll change the appearance of the presentation by customizing a theme.
You’ll then save the theme to use in future presentations.
In the presentation named pp0401_completed, click on slide 1. On the Ribbon, click
the Design tab, and then in the Themes group, click Colors. PowerPoint displays the
Colors menu.
Use the Colors menu to select new
theme colors.
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