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Adding and positioning a graphic
Applying a theme
If you would like more color or style in your document, you can quickly assign a theme to
create more professional-looking pages. Themes have certain color schemes, fonts, and other
decorative accents to brighten up your work.
In this exercise, you will apply a theme to the document.
Click Page Layout, and then choose Themes. The Built-In themes are displayed.
Scroll to see the Built-In theme options.
Click the Austin theme. Notice that the font style changes to Century Gothic and the
Heading 2 colors change to green.
Click Save.
Adding and positioning a graphic
Graphics add visual elements to your work. Here, you’ll see how to add a picture to this
Place your cursor before the title of the article and click Insert > Picture.
Navigate to the Word01lessons folder in your Oi ceLessons folder.
Select the word0110 image and click Insert. The picture sits at the top of the page.
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