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Quick tour of Access 2010
Access 2010 components
The Access 2010 interface has the following main components:
The Ribbon : This bar across the top of the interface contains several tabs. These tabs
contain groups of commands, which are visible on all tabs except File.
Backstage view : This view, which appears by default when you launch Access 2010, is
the group of commands on the Ribbon’s File tab.
The File tab always has a colored background, even when it is not the active tab. This may be
confusing, so just remember that you can identify the active tab by the borders on either side of it.
The Navigation pane : The area on the left side of the interface displays database objects
when a database is open, or tabs in Backstage view.
The Northwind database, showing a collapsed Navigation pane on the left side.
Let’s examine these components in more detail.
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