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Quick tour of Access 2010
The Ribbon
The Ribbon is divided into tabs, and within each tab there are groups. The Ribbon replaces
traditional menus that existed across the top of the screen and toolbars which were found in
older versions of Microsoft Oi ce. The primary tabs of Access 2010 are File, Home, Create,
External Data, and Database Tools.
The Access 2010 ribbon is divided into tabs.
The Ribbon’s appearance changes depending on your current task. Some tabs, such as the
Design tab, only appear in certain contexts. For example, when a database is open in Access
2010 and you click the External Data tab, the Ribbon displays groups of commands for
importing, linking to, exporting, and collecting data.
You can hide and show the Ribbon by double-clicking the active command tab, making it
easy to maximize your workspace as needed.
To hide or show the Ribbon:
In Backstage view, click the Home tab.
The Ribbon changes from a simple row of tabs to a group of commands. These
commands are inactive because no database is open.
The Ribbon in full view, showing groups of commands.
Hide the Ribbon by clicking the Home tab.
The Ribbon with its command groups hidden.
Show the Ribbon by clicking the Home tab again.
You have successfully toggled the Ribbon by clicking the active tab. You can also toggle
the Ribbon by clicking the Minimize/Expand arrow button in the upper-right corner.
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