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Exploring a database
To search for an object:
On each heading in the Navigation pane, click on the down arrow to show objects. You
will need to scroll down to access all the headings.
Type customer in the Search text box.
The Search engine instantly i nds objects
that match the text as you type it.
As you type, objects that contain this text begin to appear. In the Northwind database,
there are two forms and two reports that contain the text customer in their titles.
Delete the text—either by clicking the Clear Search String icon ( ) to the right of the
Search text box, or by using the Delete or backspace key—to show all objects.
Because you may not always want to use the default view of all objects, you can use
the Navigation pane to select from one of several dif erent ways to display objects. For
example, there may be times when you want to see all objects of a particular type, such as
all the tables.
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