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Working with records
To manage objects in the Navigation pane:
1 Right-click an object, such as Customers , to open a context menu.
The menu lists several options, depending on the object. For a table, these options
include such items as Open, Design View, Import, and Export. Importing is covered
in Lesson 2. The important thing to remember is that you can right-click objects to
perform actions or to view information.
The contextual menu lists many options for managing
items in the Navigation pane.
Working with records
Now that you’ve become familiar with database components, let’s get a quick introduction
to working with records. You’ll use the Customers table in the Northwind database to search
for, sort, add, and delete a record.
If necessary, open the Customers table from the Navigation pane, either by double-clicking it
or by right-clicking it and selecting Open.
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