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Working with records
Searching for a record
To search a table for a record:
Press Ctrl+F or click the Find button (
) in the Ribbon to open the Find and Replace
dialog box.
The Find and Replace window appears.
In the Find What text i eld, type your last name.
In the Look In drop-down menu, select Current Document.
Click Find Next.
If your last name did not appear, search for Lee, which appears twice.
Notice that the Table is sorted by the ID i eld in ascending order. You can easily sort by
a dif erent i eld.
When you are i nished using Find and Replace, click Cancel in the Find and Replace
dialog box.
Sorting records
To sort records:
Click the drop-down arrow on the Last Name column heading.
Select Sort A to Z.
The records are now sorted by Last Name, not by ID.
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