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Working with records
Adding and deleting records
Adding and deleting a record are similar processes. To add a record, it is not necessary to
scroll to the end of a table.
Adding a record
To add a record:
Right-click the Record Selector (the leftmost square) of any row.
Click New Record.
Add a record regardless of your
present location in a Table.
The ID i eld will change from “(New)” to an ID number that Access automatically
assigns when you start entering information in the record’s i elds.
You can move to the next i eld by clicking either TAB or Enter, as well as by using the mouse.
Add 2 or 3 records, using names that you’ll recognize.
Deleting a record
To delete a record:
(Optional) Use the Find command to locate the record you want to delete. You may use
one of the records you just added.
Right-click the Record Selector (the leftmost square) of that record.
Click Delete Record.
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