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Access Lesson 2: Getting Started with Microsoft Access 2010
Lesson 2
What you’ll learn
in this lesson:
Introducing Access 2010
Understanding the basics
of database design and
Exploring the elements of
the Access user interface
Getting Started with
Microsoft Access 2010
In this lesson, you will discover how to create a database.You will
also create basic tables while learning about data types.You will
gain an understanding of how to bring data from Excel into an
Access database.
Starting up
You will work with a i le from the Access02lessons folder in this lesson. Make
sure that you have loaded the Oi ceLessons folder onto your hard drive from ce2010 . See “Loading lesson i les” on page XXIV.
See Lesson 2 in action!
Use the accompanying video to gain a better understanding of how to use some of
the features shown in this lesson. The video tutorial for this lesson can be found at ce2010.
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