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Tables, views, and data types
Creating a table in Datasheet view
Datasheet view allows you to add tables and i elds to your database. It resembles a
spreadsheet, such as you would i nd in Excel. Datasheet view has evolved over the years to
include some design features that had been exclusive to Design view.
Open the SCRATCH database by clicking on File > Recent > SCRATCH. (You may
need to Enable Content again if a security warning appears.)
Click Create > Table. Table1 appears in Datasheet view. So far, this is all familiar from the
previous exercise.
Table 1 in Datasheet view.
In Datasheet view you can examine the table more closely and notice the following:
Datasheet view is displayed in the lower-left corner of the status bar.
The Datasheet view icon is active in the lower-right corner of the status bar, and the
Design View icon is inactive.
In the Views group of the Ribbon’s Home tab, the Design View command appears
in color. By clicking the down-arrow, you can see that Datasheet view is active, but
Design view is inactive. The Design View icon is active because it is the only other
available option.
Although the Design View command is in
color, Access is currently in Datasheet view.
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