Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Inserting additional pages
Scroll down to the end of the document where you see the i ne dotted line.
Place the cursor below the line and press Delete until the line disappears.
Inserting additional pages
In this exercise, you will insert additional pages into the document. The i rst page will be a
cover page, followed by a page that will remain blank.
Inserting a blank page
From View, select Print Layout to view the document as it will appear on the printed
page. Place your cursor before the title of the article.
Click Insert > Pages > Blank Page. The page appears in front of the article.
The title may shift to the left when you insert the blank page.You can correct this by placing the
cursor to the left of the title and pressing Enter.
Inserting a cover page
Now you’ll select a cover page for your document.
Click Insert > Pages > Cover Page.
Word displays a menu with several built-in cover page options.
Word includes several cover pages you can use in your documents, or you can make your own.
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