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Exploring the OneNote environment
Notice the following components of the OneNote window:
Navigation bar . On the left side of the OneNote window, the Navigation Bar shows an
icon and the title of each Notebook stored in the default Notebook location.
By default, the Navigation Bar’s width is minimized. You can click the Expand/Collapse
Navigation Bar button (the left-arrow at the top of the Navigation Bar) to make it wider.
You can click it again to minimize the Navigation Bar.
Section tabs . To the right of the Navigation Bar and above the Notebook pane, Section
tabs indicate the titles of the Notebook’s Sections. These are analogous to plastic tab dividers
in physical notebooks. For example, your high school Math notebook may have had
separate sections for Lecture Notes, Problems, and Homework. You could create a OneNote
Notebook for Math with these Sections.
Content pane . Most of the OneNote window is dedicated to the Content pane. This is the
active page of the Notebook, in which you will add and view dif erent types of content. The
title of the active page appears at the top. For pages that you create, the date and time of the
most recent update also appears.
Pages pane . On the right side of the Content pane, the Pages pane displays Pages and
Subpages for the active Notebook.
Ribbon . If you have used other Microsoft Oi ce 2010 programs, you may be surprised that
the Ribbon seems to be missing from OneNote. It’s actually minimized by default, like the
Navigation Bar, to maximize the space available for the Content pane. You can click the
Expand/Collapse Ribbon button (the down-arrow to the left of the Help button) to make it
wider. You can click it again to minimize the Ribbon.
The following table gives an overview of the default Ribbon tabs in OneNote 2010.
Clipboard functions, formatting text, managing tags, and e-mail
Inserting, linking, and otherwise incorporating media of various types
Collaborating via e-mail, sharing Notebooks
Inserting and editing handwritten (or computer-drawn) content
Spelling, researching, and translating text; working with linked notes
Modifying the appearance of your OneNote windows
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