Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Adding page numbers
Click Sideline to select this cover page style.
In the Type the company name box, type Spirits USA .
Click Type the document title, and type Haunted Tours .
Click Type the document subtitle, and type Famous Ghostly Places .
Click anywhere in the document but outside of the text i eld and click the Save button
located in the Quick Access Toolbar.
Adding page numbers
Next, you will add automatic page numbers to the packet. As you add additional articles or
pages, the page numbers will automatically appear for each new page. As you add and delete
pages, Word keeps track of the sequence and numbering of the pages.
Click Insert > Page Number > Bottom of Page.
Word provides several options for styling and the placement of the page numbers.
From the Page Number menu, select Plain Number 3 to display the page number on the
right-hand side in the footer of the document.
To exit the footer section of the pages, double click outside of the footers anywhere in
the document.
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