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Working in Backstage view
Working in Backstage view
While Notebook View is where you do most of your work in OneNote, Backstage View is
also important. If you’ve used other Microsoft Oi ce 2010 programs, you may be familiar with
Backstage View. Think of this view as the place where you can manage a Notebook’s properties,
or otherwise act on the Notebook as a whole, rather than manage or act on its content.
The File tab, which displays Backstage View when clicked, always has a colored background, even
when it is not the active tab. This may be confusing, so just remember that you can identify the
active tab by the borders on either side of it, as well as how it appears to be more a part of the
Ribbon than its neighboring tabs.
Click the File tab to display Backstage View.
Backstage View appears, with the Info tab active.
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