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Searching OneNote
The following table gives a brief overview of the tabs in Backstage View.
Manage and view Notebook properties; share and view synchronization status
(if applicable); and open backup Notebook copies
Open a Notebook, either by browsing or selecting a recently closed Notebook
Create a Notebook to be stored on the Web, a network computer, or your
Allow Notebook sharing by storing it on the Web, a network computer, or
Microsoft SharePoint
Save As
Save the current Page or Section in various file formats, including XPS and PDF
(A Notebook may also be saved as a OneNote Package, which is a distributable
Send the current Page to Outlook, PDF, Word, or a Word-generated blog
Print (and preview) a Page, Page group, or Section
Obtain information about your copy of Microsoft Office; access the help
system, Getting Started resources, and methods to contact Microsoft; and
check for program updates
You will return to Backstage View later. Click the File tab to view the default Notebook.
Searching OneNote
One drawback of a physical notebook is that it can sometimes be dii cult to i nd relevant
information, despite the use of sections and tab dividers. Fortunately, OneNote has a
powerful Search feature that you can use to quickly i nd the content you are looking for.
To search the initial Notebook:
If it is not already open, open Microsoft OneNote 2010
In the Search text i eld which is located in the upper-right hand corner, click the
drop-down menu and select This Notebook.
The default Search Scope is All Notebooks. To limit it to the present Notebook, click the
dropdown menu and click This Notebook, then click the drop-down menu again and click Set This
Scope as Default.
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