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Sharing a Notebook
Type numbers in the Search text i eld.
Pages that contain the query (numbers) appear as you type. The query is highlighted on the Pages.
Click on the search result to display the page that numbers was found on with the query
text highlighted. In this exercise, the search result is called OneNote Basics which is a
page in the General section.
Sharing a Notebook
OneNote lets collaborators share a Notebook simultaneously, and it automatically
synchronizes edits to keep a Notebook current. If a user goes of the network (such as while
traveling), the user can work on a local copy. Changes are resynchronized for all collaborators
when the user reconnects to the network.
OneNote lets you share an existing Notebook.
To share an existing Notebook:
If it is not already open, open the Personal Notebook (its default location is
\\Documents\OneNote Notebooks\).
Choose File > Share.
Under Select Notebook, select the Personal, if it is not already selected.
Under Share On, select Network.
Under the Network Location, browse to the proper location.
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