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Getting help
Scroll down the list and click Format Painter.
Click Add. The Format Painter now appears on the list of Quick Access Toolbar
commands, below the newly added Print command.
Click OK.
The Quick Access Toolbar now
displays both new commands.
Getting help
If you run into a problem or aren’t sure how to perform a certain task, you can easily access
the OneNote help system.
Press your computer’s F1 key or click the Help button to display the help system.
In Backstage View (click the File tab), click the Help tab to display Support links for the
help system, Getting Started resources, and a link to contact Microsoft.
Ending a OneNote session
To end a session, you can either:
Choose File > Exit; or
Click the Close button located in the upper-right corner of the program interface.
While most other programs extol the virtues of saving early and often, OneNote saves every time
you edit content or design.You’ll learn more about this feature in the next lesson.
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