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OneNote Lesson 2: Getting Started with Microsoft OneNote 2010
Lesson 2
What you’ll learn
in this lesson:
Managing Notebooks
Managing Sections
Grouping Sections
Saving a Notebook
Managing Pages
Adding Content
Getting Started with
Microsoft OneNote 2010
In this lesson, you will learn how to create and manage Notebooks,
as well as their components, Sections and Pages.You will also add
several types of content to your Notebook, from text to multimedia.
Starting up
You will not need to work with any i les for this lesson.
See Lesson 2 in action!
Use the accompanying video to gain a better understanding of how to use some of
the features shown in this lesson. The video tutorial for this lesson can be found at ce2010.
Managing Notebooks
Now that you’ve become familiar with the OneNote working environment and have
explored a Notebook, let’s create one. Throughout this lesson you will see how a OneNote
Notebook can store and manage information in various formats, including web page text
and graphics, document i les, spreadsheets, and multimedia.
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