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Managing Sections
When the new Notebook is open, it’s not obvious which one in the Notebook pane is
the present Notebook. You’re probably used to seeing the i lename displayed in the title
bar of a window (for example, a Word document’s title). As you will see, OneNote is
focused on the Page, and so the Page name, not the Document name, appears in the title
bar of a OneNote window.
Although the above image was the i rst Notebook created from a fresh install of OneNote,
sometimes previously used Notebooks are present in the Navigation Bar. If you want to close a
Notebook, right-click it and select Close This Notebook.
Managing Sections
Now that you have a new Notebook, it’s time to add Sections and Pages to it. Give some
thought to how you will organize your Notebook’s Sections, but don’t worry—you can
reorganize Sections later if necessary.
To create a Section:
In the Section Tab row, click the rightmost tab that currently displays a small star. This is
found to the right of the New Section1 tab.
Repeat step 1 a few times so that your new Notebook has at least four Sections. You’ll
change their names in the following steps.
To rename a Section:
Right-click the i rst Section tab and click Rename.
Type Set List and press Enter to rename the tab.
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