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Grouping Sections
Right-click the second, third and fourth tabs and rename them Song Ideas Gigs , ,
and  Gear .
In this example, the Band Notebook contains the following Sections: Set List, Song Ideas, Gigs, and
Gear. Each Section contains a default Page, currently named Untitled Page.
If there are too many Sections to appear across the Section Tabs row, some will be hidden. Click
the down-arrow to show the rest of the sections.
Grouping Sections
Your Notebook may include several Sections that are related in some way. You can group
those Sections to make them easier to manage. The value of Section grouping becomes
more apparent as the number of Groups increases to i ll the Section tab row.
To group Sections:
On the Section tab row, right-click the area to the right of the tabs but to the left of the
Search text i eld.
Creating a new Section group
In the drop-down menu, click New Section Group.
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