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Saving a Notebook
Type Song-Stuff and press Enter.
The new Section group
Click the Set List tab and drag it to the newly created Song-Stuff group. If you hover
your mouse over the new Section group, you can control the placement of the Section
within the group.
If you are viewing the Song-Stuff group and would like to view the level above the
group, click the arrow button to the left of the group.
Repeat step 4 and add the Song Ideas Section to the Song-Stuff group.
To move a Section from a group, drag it to the arrow button to the left of the group.
Saving a Notebook
Unlike other Microsoft Oi ce programs, there is no Save icon that appears on the Ribbon
by default. This is because OneNote constantly saves your work whenever you close a
Section or Notebook, or while you take notes. If desired, you can save a copy of your
Notebook, Page, or Section to a dif erent location. In this example, you will save a copy of
your Notebook.
To save a copy of the currently open Notebook:
Choose File > Save As.
Under Save Current, click Notebook.
Under Select Format, click OneNote Package.
Click the Save As button.
In the Save As dialog box, navigate to the location to which you want to save the i le.
Accept the default name, or enter a new one and click Save.
Next you’ll learn how to manage Pages, which will hold your content.
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