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Managing Pages
Managing Pages
A Notebook Section with only one Page is limited. As you might expect, OneNote allows
you to create multiple Pages within a Section. If a Page becomes too large, you can create
Subpages for it.
The easiest way to create a Page is to press Ctrl+N. When in the appropriate Section, you
can also do one of the following in the Pages pane located on the right side of the screen:
Click New Page.
Click the down-arrow and select New Page.
Right-click an existing Page in the Pages Pane on the right side, and select New Page.
Hover your mouse over an existing Page (in the Pages Pane) to display the New Page icon. A
small pointer movement up or down moves the icon above or below the existing Page. Click
the icon to position the new Page.
Given that you can rename a Notebook or a Section by right-clicking it, it’s somewhat
surprising that you cannot right-click a Page to name or rename it. However, naming a Page
is not complicated.
To create and name a Page:
Click on the Section labeled Gear from the Navigation Pane on the left side of the
screen. We are going to add a page to this section of the Notebook.
Click New Page found in the Pages Pane on the right. You will notice that there are now
two untitled pages listed in this pane.
In the Page Name text box, type Bass Gear . Notice how the Page name also appears in
the Page pane on the right side of the screen.
As you type the name in the Page Name text box, it instantly appears in both the OneNote title bar and the Pages pane.
Click on the Untitled page found above the newly created Bass Gear page. Type the
word Microphones to name the page.
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