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Adding content
To rename a Page:
Click on the page named Bass Gear located in the Gear’s section of the Notebook.
In the Page Name text box highlight Bass Gear and type Extension Cords to replace
the name.
Adding content
One of the strengths of a Notebook is its l exible structure, which you can change as needed.
Another key strength is its ability to let you collect and organize content of various types, in
the following ways:
Direct text entry (such as typing)
Copying and pasting
Creating a drawing using a mouse, touchpad, or electronic pen
Adding audio and video notes
Inserting web content
Let’s add some content!
Direct text entry (typing)
Click anywhere on the Microphones Page and start typing.
Typed text appears inside a constantly
expanding container.
Apply some formatting to your text, such a change in font style, bold, or underline, as
you would do in Microsoft Word by right-clicking in the text box or using the Home
tab on the ribbon.
Click outside the note container when you have i nished typing and formatting.
Move the container by clicking and dragging it anywhere on the Page.
Copying and pasting
From a source outside OneNote, select some text and copy it to the Clipboard, either
by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard, or by selecting the text with your mouse,
rightclicking, and selecting Copy.
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