Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Adding content
Paste the text onto the Page either by pressing Ctrl+V on your keyboard, or by
rightclicking to display the Paste options.
Pasting in OneNote by
selecting a Paste option
Select one of the three Paste options:
Keep Source Formatting: This maintains the selected text’s original font size and style.
Merge Formatting: This adopts the standard formatting used by OneNote.
Keep Text Only: This removes any non-text items, such as images, and pastes text only.
You can examine how your text appears using all three Paste options. Depending on its
original formatting, the results may be quite dif erent.
Creating a drawing using a mouse, touchpad, or electronic pen
As with a physical Notebook, text usually isn’t sufi cient to convey meaning, and so drawing a
map or i gure may be necessary. You can use your computer’s mouse, touchpad, or electronic
pen to draw in OneNote.
To create a drawing:
Choose the Song Ideas Section and the Untitled page and then click the Draw tab,
located in the middle of the ribbon.
Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the drawing tools to view more option.
Several drawing tools are available.
Select the Dark Blue Pen (1.0 mm) which is the fourth over from the left and fourth
down in the Built-In Pens section.
Draw anywhere on the Page by clicking and dragging the mouse.
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