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Adding content
Click the Select & Type tool in the Tools group and move the drawing’s container to
another location on the Page by clicking and dragging over the entire drawing i rst to
select it.
The Draw tab on the ribbon displays the drawing tools.
Adding audio and video notes
Words and pictures are usually all you need when taking notes. On some occasions, however,
you may want to also record audio, such as a melody, an odd pronunciation, or other sounds.
To record audio:
Choose the Set List Section located in the Song-Stuff folder and name the Untitled page
Melodies . Now lets place an audio note on the Melodies page.
On the Insert tab on the ribbon, click Record Audio and begin humming a tune.
The Record Audio button is adjacent to the Record
The Audio & Video Recording tab appears, displaying playback controls.
Video button.
It is not easy to tell when OneNote is actually recording. Look for the elapsed time; if it is
changing, then OneNote is recording.
An icon for the audio i le appears on the page.
Click Stop to end the recording.
Double-click the i le icon to play it (or click Play in the Audio & Video Playback tab).
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