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What is Publisher?
What is Publisher?
Publisher is an application that helps you create professional-looking publications
quickly and easily. It is available in certain editions of Microsoft Oi ce and can also be
purchased separately.
Publisher combines the power of a word processor and the creativity of a graphics package
into one l exible and easy-to-use program. This combination lets you create unique and
exciting documents such as newsletters, brochures, letterheads, and business cards without
having to study for a degree in graphic design.
How can you use Publisher?
You can use Publisher to manage the creation and editing of publications. Depending on the
publication’s complexity and your needs, you can perform tasks such as the following:
Create a publication, either from a template or from scratch
Insert text boxes, and then type or import text from other sources
Add pictures and crop them to the size you want
Insert Building Blocks, which are reusable pieces of content that are stored in galleries
Print your document to a local printer, or prepare it for e-mail distribution
Publication basics
Publisher 2010 allows you to create a publication from a template or from scratch.
A template is a document with preset formatting and placeholder text that lets you know
what information you should enter. Publisher gives you access to hundreds of installed
templates organized in dif erent categories, including advertisements, greeting cards, labels,
and invitations. After you select a template, you can modify the layout and select options in
the right pane to help you customize the page.
If you can’t i nd a suitable template among those provided, you can easily download
templates from Oi . You can create a publication for a specii c job such as a special
event or fundraiser, or create your own personal stationery. You can also create publications
for print, Web, or e-mail.
While Publisher’s preset designs can help you get started with a new publication, you may
want to create a unique publication if none of the preset designs meet your needs. With
a little knowledge of how to create and use frames, you can create a blank publication
from scratch.
You will create a publication from scratch in the next lesson, “Getting Started with Microsoft
Publisher 2010.”
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