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What is Publisher?
To hide or show the Ribbon:
In Backstage view, click the Home tab.
The Ribbon changes from a simple row of tabs to a group of commands. These
commands are inactive because no publication is open.
The Ribbon in full view, showing groups of commands.
Hide the Ribbon by double-clicking on the Home tab.
The Ribbon with its command groups hidden.
Show the Ribbon by clicking the Home tab again.
You have successfully toggled the Ribbon by clicking the active tab. You can also toggle
the Ribbon by clicking the Minimize/Expand arrow button in the upper-right corner.
Backstage view
Backstage view is the i rst view you see after you launch Publisher 2010. It contains
information and commands that af ect an entire publication, such as the following: opening
and saving a publication; a list of recently opened publications; and tabs for printing, saving,
and sending a publication. You can also launch the help system and manage options in
Backstage view.
Publisher 2010 Backstage view.
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