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Changing your view
Select other options, such as page size. The options vary depending on the
publication type. Click Create.
To open an existing publication:
In Backstage view, click the File tab, and then click Open.
In the left pane of the Open Publication dialog box, click the drive or folder that
contains the i le that you want.
In the right pane of the Open Publication dialog box, open the folder that contains the
publication that you want.
Click the i le and then click Open.
Changing your view
You can view the pages in your publication in a one-page or a two-page spread. A two-page
spread mimics the way your publication would look lying open in front of you, with two
pages facing each other.
To view a publication in one- or two-page view:
Click the View tab.
In the Layout group, click the Two-Page Spread button or the Single Page button.
The selected view displays, and the button you clicked is now selected.
Click the Single Page or Two-Page Spread button on the status bar.
To change the view size of a page:
Click the View tab.
To select standard view sizes, in the Zoom group click any of the following buttons:
100%, Whole Page, Page Width, or Selected Objects.
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