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Changing your view
Press F9 to toggle between current and 100% views.
1 To specify a custom view size, click the Zoom list arrow, and then select a view
Choose a custom view size from the Zoom list.
Click the Zoom In or Zoom Out button or drag the Zoom slider on the status bar to change the
view magnii cation.
Saving a publication
By default, Publisher saves a i le in a working folder. If you want, you can specify a dif erent
Click the File tab, and then click Save.
If you are saving a i le for the i rst time, the Save As dialog box appears. Find the location
you would like to save the i le, click in the File name text i eld and type a name for
your publication.
Click Save.
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Use the Quick Access Toolbar for convenient, one-click access to your favorite tools.
Currently, the toolbar in the document displays the Save, Redo, and Undo options, and the
Customize Quick Access Toolbar button.
Here you will customize the toolbar to include the Quick Print and Refresh All buttons.
If you have completed previous lessons in this topic, you will already be familiar with
this process.
The Quick Access Toolbar.
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