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Creating a blank publication
Creating a blank publication
In Lesson 1, you saw how Publisher’s preset design templates can help you create a new
publication. In this lesson, you’ll explore how to create a new blank publication, for those
times when the provided templates don’t meet your needs.
To create a blank publication:
Start Publisher.
Click the File tab, if you are not already in Backstage view, and then click New.
Click on More Blank Page Sizes, and then Create New Page Size (under the Custom
heading) to dei ne a new size for your document.
You can click on Blank 8.5 x 11" or Blank 11 x 8.5" to quickly create a standard letter-sized
blank publication, or choose from a selection of standard page sizes by clicking on More Blank
Page Sizes.
Dei ne a new publication size.
In the Create New Page Size dialog box, name your document Newsletter . Then set the
width to 9 inches and and height to 12 inches, respectively. Leave the margins at their
defaults, and click OK.
In the Customize section to the right, click the Color Scheme down arrow, and
choose the Civic scheme. Then click the Font Scheme down arrow, and choose the
Equity scheme.
Click on the Create New down arrow under Business Information, select Create new.
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