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Creating a blank publication
Type your name, job position, and contact information in the provided i elds. Click Save
to attach this information to your i le.
Customize your publication by choosing color and font schemes.
Click Create to accept the settings for your new blank publication.
On the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Save button ( ). In the dialog box that appears,
navigate to the Pub02lessons folder, name the i le Newsletter, and click Save.
Working with pages
The thumbnails in the Navigation pane correspond to pages in your publication. You just
created a one-page document, but if you i nd it necessary to add or delete pages, you can do
so one page or one spread at a time.
If you’re working on a publication with multiple pages, you’ll want to display the page before
or after the one you want to insert.You’ll be choosing whether to add a page before or after the
current page.
To insert one or more pages:
Click the Insert tab, and then click the Page drop-down arrow in the Pages group.
Choose Insert Page from the menu that appears.
To insert a single blank page, choose Insert Blank Page. To insert a duplicate page, choose Insert
Duplicate Page.
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