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Creating a blank publication
In the Insert Page dialog box, change the settings so that you’re inserting three new blank
pages after the current page.
Insert new blank pages into your publication.
Click OK.
To delete, rename, or move a page:
Select the last page (page 4) in the Navigation pane.
Click the Page Design tab and in the Pages group, click the Delete button. This will
remove page 4 from your publication. This may not be obvious because we are working
with blank pages. However, you can see the change in the Navigation pane.
On the same tab and in the same group, click the Move button. In the Move selected
pages section of the Move Page dialog box, click on the After radio button. Choose Page
1 from the This page section, and click OK to move page 3 to a position after page 1.
You can also drag a page icon in the Navigation pane to move it.
On the Page Design tab in the Pages group, click the Rename button, and in the
Rename Page dialog box, rename Page Title to Page 2 . Click OK.
Use the Page Design tab to delete,
rename, or move pages.
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