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Inserting a text box
Choose Letter (Portrait) from the Size menu to change the size of the current
publication to that of a standard Letter.
Change your page size to Letter.
Publisher does not allow you to mix page sizes and orientations within a single document. If you
must use multiple page sizes or orientations, you will have to create separate documents.
Now that you have set up your publication’s pages, margins, orientation, and size, you’ll begin
to add content to it.
Inserting a text box
Any text that you add to a Publisher document must be contained in a text box. To add a
title to your newsletter, you’ll i rst insert a text box and then enter your text inside the box.
If your text doesn’t i t inside a text box, you can do one of the following:
Make the text box bigger
Reduce the size of the text
Continue the text in another text box on the same page or on another page
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