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Formatting text
To insert a text box:
Select the i rst page from the Navigation pane on the left of the screen. Click on the
Insert tab in the toolbar, and in the Text group, click on the Draw Text Box button.
In your publication, move your cursor over the intersection of the left and top margins,
and click and drag diagonally until you have a text box that stretches to the right margin
and is 2 inches tall.
Draw a text box to hold your newsletter’s title.
You may have to display the publication’s rulers to accurately measure the text box’s height. Do
this by right-clicking anywhere outside the current page, and choosing Rulers from the context
menu that appears.
Click inside the text box and type the title, Bike Hikes .
Formatting text
The text you’ve inserted is obviously too small and light to be legible. You’ll i x this using the
Text Box Tools Format tab, which appeared in the toolbar when you added the text box.
To format your text:
Select the title by clicking and dragging over it inside the text box.
Click on the Text Box Tools Format tab, and in the Font section, choose Franklin Gothic
Book from the Font drop-down menu.
Also in the Font section, use the Font Size drop-down menu to change the size to 72
Click on the Bold button to make the title more visible, and the Italic button to give it
more style.
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