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Formatting text
Add some color to the title by clicking on the Font Color drop-down menu, and
selecting Accent 2 from the scheme colors you chose earlier. Click outside the text box
to de-select the title.
Format your text using options in the Font section of the toolbar.
Choose File > Save As and in the dialog box that appears, locate the Newsletter i le you
saved earlier, and click Save to replace it with your new i le.
Next you’ll insert some body copy into the publication, and learn how to thread it from text
box to text box.
Flowing text
You’ve created a single text box, and added a small amount of text to it. However, if you
want to continue a story from one part of a page to another, or even between pages, you can
l ow text between two or more connected text boxes. Publisher allows you to do this with
the click of a button.
You can also connect text boxes prior to adding text to them. When you add your text, it will
automatically l ow from one text box to the next.
To l ow text into your publication:
Open Microsoft Word, choose File > Open and navigate to the Pub02lessons folder.
Double click to open the i le called bikestory.
Highlight the text found in this document and press Ctrl+C to copy. Switch back over
to the Publisher document.
Draw a text box on each of your three pages. You will need to click on the Draw Text
Box button each time you want to draw a text box. Use your creativity to mix and
match box shapes and sizes and make the layout more interesting.
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