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Inserting and modifying images
Click in the i rst text box, and press Ctrl+V to paste your text.
Click on the Text In Overl ow button ( ) that appears to the right of the text box. The
cursor changes to a pitcher icon, which informs you that the text is ready to “pour” into
the next frame.
Click in the next frame on the second page, and the text l ows into it automatically. If
the Text In Overl ow button appears again, continue clicking and pouring into additional
text boxes until you have placed all the text.
When you see the pitcher icon, you can l ow text into the next frame.
You can use the Previous and Next tools in the Linking group of the Text Box Tools Format tab
to view all the connected text boxes in your publication. Use the Break tool if you want to break a
link from one text box to the next.
Continue inserting and formatting text in your Newsletter publication to i ll the
available space on all three pages. When you’re satisi ed with the look and feel of the text,
you’re ready to start inserting and modifying images.
Inserting and modifying images
Text-heavy publications lack visual appeal when compared to those that also incorporate
images. Luckily, Publisher 2010 includes useful features for not only inserting, but also
modifying those images in your publications. These tools enable you to adjust brightness and
contrast, add various artistic eff ects, rotate an image, and even crop an image without having
to leave the program.
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