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Inserting and modifying images
To insert an image:
Return to the i rst page of your publication, using the Navigation pane on the left.
In the Illustrations section of the toolbar, found on the Insert tab, click on the Picture
In the left pane of the Insert Picture dialog box, navigate to the Pub02lessons folder,
inside the Oi ceLessons folder you loaded onto your hard drive earlier.
Select the image named biker.jpg, and then click on the Insert button.
Insert a picture into your publication.
The image is imported into a picture box in your publication.
Click and drag on the center of the image to position it where you want on the page.
Notice that the text within the text boxes shifts to accommodate the image.
You can’t click and drag an image to another page in your publication. Use the Copy and Paste
feature to move images between pages.
To modify an image:
Select the picture you just placed, and click on the Picture Tools Format tab.
You can roll your cursor over each of styles in the Picture Styles gallery to preview their
eff ects. Click on the second choice to change the picture box to an oval.
In the Adjust group of the toolbar, click on the Brightness drop-down menu, and choose
-10% to darken the image.
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