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Printing your publication
Click on the Contrast drop-down menu, and choose +10% to add clarity to the picture.
Click on the Recolor drop-down menu, and apply a vintage eff ect by choosing the Sepia
color mode.
In the Arrange section of the toolbar, click on the Rotate drop-down menu ( ), and
choose Free Rotate to allow dragging of the picture in the direction you want to rotate
it. To do this, click on the image and then click on the small green button found just
above the picture box and drag to the left a quarter of an inch.
Click the Crop button (in the Crop section of the toolbar) to display handles on the
image. You can then drag the handles until the image shows only the portion you want
to keep. Click anywhere outside of the image to de-select it and accept the crop.
Use the Picture Tools Format tab to modify placed images.
Click Save in the Quick Access Toolbar to save your work.
Printing your publication
The ultimate goal of using of Publisher 2010 is to produce high-quality print publications.
You can print these on a desktop printer, or send them out to a commercial print shop using
a convenient packaging feature.
To print to a desktop printer:
Click the File tab, and then click Print.
In the Print section, enter the number of copies to print in the Copies of print job
text box.
In the Printer section, make sure that the correct printer is selected.
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