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Using Pack and Go
The properties for your default printer appear automatically.
In the Settings section, do the following:
Coni rm that the range of pages is correct.
Choose the format for imposing (or arranging) your pages on the printed sheet.
Choose settings to print your publication to a desktop printer.
Ask your printer if it’s necessary for you to impose your pages for printing.
Choose the paper size.
Choose whether to print on one side of the sheet of paper or both.
If your printer is capable of printing in color, choose color or grayscale printing.
When you’re ready to print, click the Print button.
Using Pack and Go
Publisher’s Pack and Go Wizard packages your publication and its linked i les into a single
i le that you can send to a commercial printer. You can also take the packed i le to another
computer to be edited. Using the Pack and Go Wizard ensures that you have all the i les
necessary to hand of the completed publication to someone who can work with or view it.
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