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E-mail preview
This feature allows you to see what your publication will look like in an e-mail message by
opening it as an HTML version in your default web browser.
Preview your e-mail publication in a web browser.
To preview an e-mail:
Click the File tab.
Choose Save & Send > E-mail Preview, and then click on the E-mail Preview button to
the right.
Close out of the internet browser and then choose File > Close to close the current
Congratulations! You have i nished this lesson, and you now have the basic skill set to create
publications from scratch in Microsoft Publisher 2010.
Self study
Create a new, landscape-oriented publication, add and rearrange two more pages, and
change the margins on each page to .75 inch.
Insert a text box into your new publication, import text from a Word document, and
format the text using the Text Box Tools Format tab.
Insert an image into your new publication and use the Picture Tools Format tab to
change its brightness, contrast, and cropping.
Save the publication as a PDF for commercial printing, using the Pack and Go Wizard.
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