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Composing email, Adding recipients, and sending messages
In the Account Settings window, using the E-mail tab, click the New… button, then
click the E-mail account radio-button, and click Next. The Add New Account window
is displayed.
In the Add New Account window, enter your full name as you would like it to appear
when sending messages. Also enter your E-mail address, such as , and
enter the password provided by your IT department or Internet service provider.
Outlook will attempt to locate your email server and coni gure your email for you. If
it cannot locate your email server, it may ask you additional questions about the type of
email account you are using. If necessary, obtain the additional information from your
Internet service provider that hosts your email account, your IT department, or click the
Help button ( ) in the main Outlook window.
Using more than one email account
If you have more than one email account and would like to use Outlook to send and receive
email from your other accounts, you can do so. Repeat the steps above to set up Outlook
to communicate with any additional email servers. Each email account functions similarly
for sending, receiving, and managing messages. As such, the remaining sections of this lesson
apply regardless of whether you are working with one or more email accounts.
Composing email, Adding recipients, and sending messages
To create a new email message, follow these steps.
Click the New E-mail button (
) in the Home tab of the ribbon. A new, untitled
message appears.
In the i eld to the right of the To button, enter the email address of the recipient of the
message. Separate additional recipients with a semicolon (;).
If the recipient of the message works at a dif erent company or has a dif erent domain —
the part of the email address after the @ symbol, then you will need to enter the complete
address. For example, to send an email address to Jennifer Smith at work you might enter, . If you work at the same company, you may only need to enter their
email name and not the entire domain address.
Enter a subject for the message. It is useful to enter a short, descriptive subject that
summarizes the content of the message.
Enter the body of the email message, and then click the Send button.
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